Most of us don’t think much about our health until something goes wrong—and then we want it fixed as quickly and painlessly as possible. We look for a magic pill. Or the super-food of the week.

Researcher with the Food and Mood Centre, Sara Campolonghi, wants us to think about ways to avoid becoming unhealthy in the first place. Sara insists that our physical AND mental health is in our own hands, “much more than we realise.”

What about our daily choices to sleep well? To choose carefully what we eat? To be active? To notice our posture? To think about ways to manage stress better?

She challenges us to make small, gradual changes that are much more likely to become permanent.

“Instead of cutting out all carbs… include some healthy foods gradually in your meals every day, such as vegetables and whole grains; chose stairs instead of the elevator more often, or walk more.

“…or put two tea spoons of sugar in the coffee until you are used to it; replace snacks and junk foods with fruits and nuts; reduce screen time.

The real ‘magic pills’ are our everyday choices.

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Sara Campolonghi is a PhD candidate with the Food and Mood Centre and a qualified Health Psychologist and Nutritional Therapist.