To apply for NETschool, applicants must be having significant difficulties with mainstream schooling at this point in time.

  • Have lost their learning confidence.
  • Experience ongoing mental or physical health issues.
  • Have barriers to school around bullying, poor relationships with students and teachers.
  • Ongoing family issues / trauma
  • History of non-attendance, poor transition
  • Expecting a baby or are a young mum.

Applicants must have a supportive adult in their lives who will work with NETschool to support the young person. This person does not have to be their parent.

Applicants are asked to:

  • complete an expression of interest form, found on the website.
  • attend an interview.
  • complete a trial period before full enrolment is offered.

Current Bendigo Senior students can ask their Student Coordinator about the possibility of transferring to the NETschool campus.