ICT Helpdesk

The college operates an ICT Helpdesk which is located above the Library in the Multimedia Centre (MMC) at the College. Students can visit the ICT Helpdesk to get assistance with a range of ICT related issues. In particular students can get help with connecting devices to the College’s wireless network and for assistance with logging onto the College network.

ICT Self Service

The ICT Helpdesk publishes a number of resources to help with student related ICT issues. See the Quicklinks on this page to be redirected to this online assistance.


The College operates a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program where students bring their own notebook/tablet for connection to the College’s wireless network. See the Quicklinks on this page to be redirected to information about the BYOD program.

Other ICT Resources

The College has a broad range of ICT related equipment, including specialist labs of computers. These computers support subjects which require certain software or functions which are not necessarily available on students’ individual notebook/tablet devices.

Other ICT Services

Increasingly college services and information is available online and can be accessed through a number of services. Links to many of these services, including Compass, can be found on the Login page of this website – use the Quicklinks on this page to get there.