Our ROLE is to empower learners for individual, community and global leadership. We value: Respect, Optimism, Learning, Environment.

Respect means:

  • Respecting ourselves, others and our relationships.
  • Respecting ourselves and others in all we think, say and do. Respecting our learning, community and environment.

Optimism means:

  • Being enthusiastic in our living, learning and contributing. Embracing opportunities to make a difference.
  • Being resilient and persistent in adversity.

Learning means:

  • Embracing learning opportunities.
  • Being a lifelong learner.
  • Being a continuously improving individual and community member.
  • Being a leader of self and of others.
  • Being innovative and open to possibilities.

Environment means contribution to:

  • The culture we make through our beliefs and actions.
  • The community we make through our relationships with others. Sustainability and planetism through wisdom, balance and action.