Students studying at BSSC in 2019 will be required to supply their own notebook/tablet device for use at BSSC as part of the college’s Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program.

**** Advice to be included for anyone obtaining a device for BSSC from 2019 and beyond. *****
**** Only devices which support 5GHz wireless using 802.11a or 802.11ac can be used at BSSC *****
**** Almost all notebooks made within the last few years will support this functionality. ****

The information on this section of the website are in addition to the “BSSC BYOD Program 2019” document. This page may also include details that have been updated since the “BSSC BYOD Program 2019” document was produced.
A central aim of the college’s BYOD program is to support the usage of a wide range of BYODs. This includes devices that many students already have or can obtain at a reasonable cost. The “BSSC BYOD Program 2019” document summarises devices which would be appropriate as a BYOD as well as listing devices which would not be suitable. Some subject specific and other advice is provided below.

Why do students need a device?

Students need to be able to electronically communicate, create content, interact with others and electronically submit work while studying at BSSC. Significant examples of the college’s use of digital tools include the use of Compass, email, Internet and other digital resources. Compass allows all students to see details of their course and electronically submit tasks, is used for online reporting and monitoring of every students’ progress, and allows for student and parent/carer access.

Where can I purchase a new device from?

To assist with a purchase of a new device for use at BSSC two portals are available for students to access. These portal have been setup with:

1. Learning with Technologies (LWT) and,
2. Apple

Windows BYODs can be purchased from Learning with Technologies (LWT). Students can access the LWT portal using the following link.

LWT portal:

Via the Apple site, telesales or at an Apple store students can purchase a range of Apple devices at educational prices. Not all of the products on the Apple site are appropriate as BYOD devices as the list includes non-portable devices. While students at BSSC can purchase any of the devices from the Apple site, students should read the advice “BSSC BYOD Program 2019” to understand what might be appropriate prior to making any BYOD purchasing decision. Parents can also place Apple orders via telesales by calling Apple on 133-622. Parents should advise the telesales agent that Bendigo Senior Secondary College is part of the Family Funded Program. Apple Stores (being not just any store selling Apple but Apple’s own stores – see list team can now support BSSC parents making a purchase by linking the transaction to Bendigo Senior Secondary College BYOD, Post Code : 2000 (Possibly 3550). Automatic pricing will apply. Students can access the Apple site using the following link. (Please note this link will only work when clicked on from this page).

Apple site:

An important note about theft and warranties

The school has no insurance or warranty which covers the theft or damage of a student device. When purchasing a new device we strongly recommend consideration be given towards purchasing an extended warranty and insurance where available. Warranties and Insurance assist with timely repairs and reduce the chance students will be without a device for any extended period of time. The warranties available with devices purchased from LWT are highly appropriate for a student device. However, regardless of whether a student purchases a new device or makes use of a second hand or existing device, it is the responsibility of the individual to ensure their device is appropriately covered. Given the differences between individuals, their situation and the device(s) it is not possible to provide universal advice about insurance and warranties which applies to all students. Also if you are considering the purchase of insurance you may want to check your family’s home and contents insurance to see if it would be covered under your existing policy.

To provide individuals with an idea of the risk of theft we know that a small number of notebooks are stolen from around the college each year. Although this is a very small number out of the hundreds of devices used at the college, it’s important to be aware it does occur. These thefts typically occur where a device is left in an unsecured/unsupervised location and not from classrooms or locked lockers.


Subject specific BYOD recommendations (Updated 21/11/2018)

There is no requirement for students to have a more powerful BYOD than those detailed in the “BSSC BYOD Program 2019”. However, there may be advantages as to why students enrolled in certain subjects would consider a more powerful BYOD options. The following table provides advice from specific subject and learning areas where additional specifications should be considered in relation to a BYOD choice. Students should check this list against the subjects they are enrolled in and talk to their respective subject teacher if they require further details about any of these recommendations.

Subject Reason for recommendation Additional Specifications
  • Music Style and Composition
  • Music Investigation (unit 3 and 4)
  • Music Performance
Music notation with program called Sibelius – this is much more useful when the professional sound sets are installed. CPU – i5 or i7
RAM – 4GB or greater
Storage – SDD 256GB or greater
OS – MacOS or Windows
  • Systems Engineering
  • VET Integrated Technology
  • Product Design Technology
  • VET Engineering
  • Visual Communication Design
CAD (including AutoCAD and 3D design work)
Adobe Design and Web K‐12 Collection
CPU – i5 or greater
RAM – 4GB or greater
Storage – SDD 256GB or greater
OS – MacOS or Windows
  • VET Digital Media
  • Studio Art Photography
  • Media Studies
Adobe Design and Web K‐12 Collection including Photoshop, Illustrator, Animator, and Dreamweaver is used extensively in the course. Check for the full hardware requirements of the individual software titles.

Software for BYOD (Updated 21/11/2018)

The following software titles are available to students at no cost.

Title Availability
Microsoft Office 365
(Includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and Access)
Advice and assistance about how to obtain and install Microsoft Office will be provided during Step‐Up and throughout 2019.

Software will only remain active while student is enrolled at BSSC

Adobe Design and Web K‐12 Collection
(Includes Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Lightroom and Animate)
Advice and assistance about how to obtain and install Adobe will be provided early Term 1 2019.
Sibelius (Music Style and Composition, Music Investigation and Music Performance Students only) Advice and assistance about how to obtain and install Sibelius will be provided throughout 2019.

Software will only remain active while student is enrolled at BSSC

Other factors to consider in selecting a BYOD

Other important considerations are that a suitable device should not be too large (generally this means a device with a screen size of less than 14”). For most students the optimum screen size will be between 12 to 14 inches. Having a warranty covering 2 to 3 years and an appropriate bag to transport the device are also important. Having a device which is reliable, portable with relatively up to date hardware will all be of benefit to the user.

Financial Concerns of obtaining a BYOD

If purchasing a new BYOD (with a suitable warranty) you should plan to spend somewhere in the $500 to $1,500 range. Spending more may be appropriate for some students/situations, while spending less may result in the purchase of a device which is heavier or does not perform adequately. Using an existing device or obtaining a second hand device may clearly be a more cost effective and appropriate option for some students/situations. Where students/families cannot easily obtain a suitable device for financial reasons College will endeavour to assist. Assistance should be sought from the Wellbeing team at the college. The Wellbeing team can provide financial advice and make a recommendation for a student to be provided with an extended loan of a College owned notebook.

Some further notes about purchasing a new device and these suppliers.

Ultimately it’s your decision on where to purchase a BYOD from and the school recommends the suppliers given here based on our experience in dealing with them and a range of other factors that are summarised as follows.

  1. The LWT portal lists a range of devices – all of which would be appropriate for use as a BYOD.
  2. LWT are a major supplier of computers to schools and have a great reputation for supporting their products.
  3. BSSC have an established relationship with LWT and have an arrangement with LWT that students can utilise the BSSC ICT Helpdesk as a drop off point for devices purchased through their portal if in need of repair. This provides an additional support option for students and in no way limits the scope of the warranty/support obtained with any purchase from LWT.
  4. Pricing from LWT is competitive and includes appropriate warranty/support options.
  5. The Apple portal gives you the confidence/security you are dealing directly with Apple and accessing their educational pricing.

If I still have questions

If you still have questions about the BYOD program after reading the details here, then please contact the ICT Helpdesk, the ICT Infrastructure Coordinator, teachers or other staff members at the college to enquire further.