Reece Hendy – Class of 2007

Unit 1-2 Art General students put their Semester Two explorations of street art into practice this week when BSSC Alumnus, Reece Hendy (Class of 2007), returned to the college to run a series of hands-on workshops.

Reece is a co-founder of Nacho Station, a collective of artists and designers who partner with a broad range of community groups on a diverse array of street art projects.

Reece worked with students over two classes to create spray-painted timber panels that will eventually find a home on a vacant wall outside the Student Services Centre.

Students collaborated to create designs on the theme of inclusivity and came up with two very different motifs—one based on a fingerprint and the other a daisy chain to represent diversity and peace.

BSSC Art teacher, Marcus Patching, said that while it was a steep learning curve for the students, they had thrown themselves into the project.

“The students have been exploring street art as part of the Cultural and Contemporary framework in Art General this semester, but have only worked on a small scale,” he said. “To step up to freehand street art with spray cans on such a massive scale has been a big challenge.”

Reece spent the first session showing students the various techniques, colour choices, and the effects that can be achieved using different spray caps.

“It’s been great seeing the students’ artworks evolve as they’ve become more confident using the spray cans,” he said.

Reece studied Photography and Vis Comm during his time at BSSC and remembers how valuable it was having teachers with industry experience.

“I’ve loved working with this group,” he said. “I hope I’ve been able to offer a new experience and add to their skill set as young artists.”

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