Around eighty BSSC Year 11 Art students gathered today for an immersive workshop aimed at inspiring their own art practice.

The day kicked off in the La Trobe Art Institute with presentations by BSSC 2022 alumna, Sunday Tully and Keira Long, and Eleanor Jones, a Broadford Secondary College 2022 graduate.

The three artists guided students through the journey they took constructing their VCE folios and developing their final pieces.

They shared how they made the most of their opportunities and where they discovered inspiration.

They also outlined the pitfalls—and near disasters—they had to negotiate and were candid about errors and backtracks.

Keira and Eleanor brought in artwork—something not possible for the installation Sunday has created.

In contrast, Sunday had meticulously documented the process of her major work giving a clear idea of the piece—which was shortlisted for TopArts 2023.

Keira’s work was also shortlisted for this prestigious exhibition of Year 12 artwork.

The remainder of the day involved a presentation at Bendigo Art Gallery by Curator Claire Needham and the opportunity to visit a number of current exhibitions.

BSSC wishes all our VCE Art students a creative and productive start to the year.