Schools and colleges across Australia exist for the sole purpose of providing excellence in education to their students and it’s usually the role of teachers most people think of when asked who staffs our schools.

However, without the varied, complex and frequently demanding roles fulfilled by Education Support Staff, (ES staff) teachers would be burdened with an extraordinary amount of extra work.

ES staff have expertise in a remarkable range of skills—from disability support to careers advice; from lab techs to Wellbeing; from communications teams to library expertise; from IT specialisations to business managers; from maintenance staff to admin superstars; from tutoring to providing PE program support. And much more…

ES staff may not always be front and centre, but without them the education system flounders.

Education Support Personnel (ESP) Day is celebrated on 16 May each year and BSSC takes the time to honour and recognise the extraordinary contribution Education Support Staff make to public education and to enhancing the capacity of schools to shape great people for the future.