Eighteen BSSC students competed in today’s Sandhurst Division Athletics at the La Trobe University athletics track today.

BSSC won the overall Senior Aggregate for the day and had two individual age group champions – Will Beaton (17yr Males) and Darcy Langdon (18yr-20yr Males).

The BSSC 17yr Male 4x100m relay broke the record which was an outstanding achievement.

First Placings

– Billy Meade (3000m)

– Will Beaton (Hurdles, Shot Put, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Discus, Relay)

– Cameron Smith (200m, High Jump, 400m, Relay)

– Taine Bishop (100m, Relay)

– Darcy Langdon (Long Jump, 100m, High Jump,)

– Harrison Boyd (1500m, 800m)

– Phoebe Lonsdale (1500m)

– Ambrose Quigley-Power (Triple Jump, Hurdles)

– Jorja Hill (Javelin, Discus)

– Faith Reid (Shot Put, Discus)

– Sam Pitson (Relay)

– Angus Skirka (Shot Put)

Second Placings

– Cameron Smith (100m)

– Taine Bishop (200m, Long Jump)

– Darcy Langdon (Relay, 200m)

– Yvonne Poto (Hurdles)

– Jorja Hill (Shot Put)

– Faith Reid (Long Jump)

– Will Burke (400m, High Jump)

– Connor Lee (Relay)

– Jordan Suter (Relay)

– Ambrose Quigley-Power (Long Jump, Relay, High Jump)

– Ethan Judd (800m)

Students who placed first will now proceed to the Loddon Mallee Region Finals to be held in the first week of Term 4.

Well done to all students who competed today: Will Beaton, Taine Bishop, Harrison Boyd, Will Burke, Jorja Hill, Ethan Judd, Darcy Langdon, Connor Lee, Phoebe Lonsdale, Billy Meade, Sam Pitson, Yvonne Poto, Ambrose Quigley-Power, Faith Reid, Max Rowe, Angus Skirka, Cameron Smith and Jordan Suter.

A big thank-you to Brenton Hayward for Coordinating the Sports Tracker application for the whole competition.

More photos on the BSSC Facebook page