Five BSSC students attended the ASEAN Youth Forum at Melbourne University on Thursday 28 July.

The Forum is a full-day program designed to deepen students’ understanding of the member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Australia’s relationship with the region through role-play, debate and collaboration.
Our participants, Kelly Phan, Ash Eadon, Xi Yin Cao, Thea Morton and Theresia Nanere all had a wonderfully stimulating day.

“It was a really engaging day and it was a great to meet a lot of new people, such as Kirsten Sayers who is the CEO of Red R, and was previously a lawyer and Australian diplomat.” – Ashley Eadon

“I really enjoyed debating and negotiating with other students about issues affecting the ASEAN region. It was also enlightening to learn about things that are happening in this region that I had no idea of before!” – Kelly Phan

“It’ was a great day of absorbing knowledge and communicating with other students to exchange ideas and views on issues. I enjoyed it and the discussions were very interesting!” – Xi Yin Cao