What are the biggest challenges for you learning from home?

Trying to stay motivated and complete all of my work.

What do you like about learning from home?

I like the freedom of being able to do my work at different times during the day. There’s also more time to complete my work.

Have you got a favourite place at home to work?

I like working outside in the fresh air and not being stuck in the house 24/7. If it is raining, or a very cold day, then I work in the rumpus room at the back of the house because it’s the quietest room and has a heater.

What’s your iso exercise of choice?

I like going for a run or walk around the block. I try and get in three or more laps, often with my dog.

Any funny, unexpected things that have happened as a result of learning from home?

Not yet, but I so hope something does happen.

What do you miss most about physically going to school?

I miss seeing my friends all the time and being able to see my teachers face to face for a better understanding of what we’re learning.

What’s something you do to completely switch off from study?

Exercise is the best way to switch off.

Anything you’d like to say to the rest of the BSSC community during lockdown?

Stay safe everyone, and look out for the people you love and care about through these tough times.