Year 12 Art fashion student, Kip Preston Taylor, has completed a series of wearable art pieces that celebrate his theme: ‘Textures’.

“I wanted them to be a mix of couture and ready-to-wear that resulted in different forms that also gave a nod to environmental concerns,” he says. “So upcycling and use of off-cuts and limiting myself to what I had around me, were all considerations.”

Each piece is influenced by different ideas and designers. This has created an eclectic feel that comes through in the collection and the photographs that accompany it.

Kip’s future plans are to pursue a career in fashion design—but it’s possible his aspirations in this arena were set when he was quite small. Since he was a little kid he has had a thing about textures—the feeling of clothes on skin, or of sand on your feet at the beach.

Studying Art Fashion, and especially this project, has given Kip the opportunity to create a mood with fashion pieces—and the way they are displayed—that reminds us that even before we have touched something our eyes are already perceiving texture.

How true.