How to enrol at Bendigo Senior Secondary College.

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Expression of interest for students not currently at a Bendigo Government school

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Key Dates

Event Date
ESC Course Counselling Thursday 11th August
Crusoe Course Counselling Tuesday 16th August
Online subject selection system closes Friday 26th August
New Student/Parent information session at Ulumbarra Wednesday 23rd November
Orientation day 1 (2 schools) Thursday 24th November (BSE & WCB)
Orientation day 2 (2 schools) Friday 25th November (CSC & ESC)
Step Up (5 days) Monday 28th November- Friday 2nd December


For students who are not currently enrolled at a Bendigo government school

To express your interest in enrolling at Bendigo Senior Secondary College for next year please use the link above to complete the online form. Once submitted we will contact you to explain the remainder of the enrolment process. Please be aware that completing this form is an expression of interest only and does not guarantee enrolment at Bendigo Senior Secondary College.

For students who are currently enrolled at a Bendigo government school

Details of how to access our online subject selection system will be emailed to you once the system opens in late July. It is important that students and parents have a conversation with staff at their current school prior to submitting their subject selections. This is to ensure the program selected is appropriate to their level and meets their individual needs.