Bendigo Senior Secondary College provides a fully supported educational, wellbeing and pathways program for our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with a focus on one-to-one care, monitoring and assistance for both students and parents.

A number of programs are offered to our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to support them in attaining their academic, extra-curricular and pathway goals. All BSSC students are in an Advisor Group that meets once a week to hear important college news and opportunities. Those who identify as Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islanders are given the choice to ‘opt-in’ to a dedicated First Nations Advisor Group. This is the same as all other Advisors but provides additional cultural information, support, events, access to the KESO and guest speakers. Students are offered a range of opportunities throughout the year such as camps, excursions, ‘Days on Country’, careers information, Indigenous School Based Apprenticeships (SBAT’s) and leadership training for college events. BSSC also offers a dedicated room for our First Nation’s students to meet in. It is called ‘The Scholar’s Hut’. It is located in E26 on the top floor. This room has a fridge, microwave, comfortable seating, study bench, kitchen table, sink and printer. It was designed and decorated by our students and is open each day, available as a culturally safe and comfortable space within this very large college.

Our strong relationship with our KESO’s (Koorie Engagement Support Officer), Bendigo Tafe & a variety of Universities, keep students well informed about tertiary placements, traineeships, apprenticeships and scholarships. Information on specific programs outside the college are collected and distributed by the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Program Coordinator via parent emails, student text messages and our closed Facebook group (“BSSC Indigenous What’s Happening”)

We aim to work closely with students, parents, families and community members in assisting students to complete their senior secondary qualifications and prepare them for further study or employment. We welcome the participation of students and their families, along with members of the local Aboriginal community, at all our college functions and celebrations throughout the year.