Welcome to the BSSC Confucius Classroom Program, a vibrant hub of Chinese language and cultural exchange, fostered through our cherished partnership with Dongzhou Middle School, located in Haimen, Jiangsu Province, China. Since its inception in late 2010 and its ceremonial inauguration in June 2011, our program has flourished, marking considerable progress and celebrating numerous milestones in offering comprehensive Chinese language and culture programs to the Bendigo community.

Our initiative extends beyond the classroom, as we actively collaborate with local communities and schools to curate and support a plethora of cultural events. These endeavors are designed to broaden our students’ horizons, deepening their appreciation for intercultural diversity and fostering a global mindset.

We are thrilled to offer a diverse array of Chinese language classes tailored to various age groups and proficiency levels, facilitating a rich learning experience for both children and adults within our community. Our classes are conveniently scheduled on Mondays and Wednesdays and are structured as follows:

Monday Classes:

  • School-age Classes for Chinese Background Children: Catered to kids of different linguistic abilities to ensure a nurturing and effective learning environment.

Wednesday Classes:

  • Children’s Chinese Language Class: Specifically designed for children without a Chinese background, offering a fun and engaging introduction to the language.
  • Beginner Adult Chinese Language Class: A welcoming starting point for adults embarking on their journey to learn Chinese.
  • Intermediate Adult Chinese Language Class: Tailored for adults seeking to further their language skills and cultural understanding.

For those interested in enrolling or seeking further details about our classes, please visit our dedicated webpage:
Community Class – LEARN CHINESE IN BENDIGO (weebly.com)

Furthermore, we extend an invitation to schools looking to establish or enrich their Chinese language program. Our team is eager to provide support and share our expertise to foster the growth of Chinese language education in your school.

Join us at the BSSC Confucius Classroom Program, where language learning transcends the classroom, empowering our students and community members to bridge cultures and build lasting connections with the world.