Next month, on the weekend of October 21 and 22, a major revision program will be presented at La Trobe University by Access Education. Covering 12 subjects, the cost of each lecture is $34.50 per student. This is a special rate for BSSC students. See attachment for more information and enrolment form.

Meanwhile, the TSSM revision program will be held at BSSC. Cost is $69 per subject per student, with a special rate of $40 per subject per student for groups of five or more who enrol together. See attachment for more information.

Covering a comprehensive range of subject areas, the programs have received a lot of positive feedback… such as this:

“My understanding of the subject has been strengthened, the topics are well covered and valuable exam techniques are addressed. A lecture that is absolutely worth the money!”

Marissa Zhang

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Exam prep 1
Exam prep 2