BSSC Year 12 students graduated in style last evening in two inspiring ceremonies held in the beautiful Ulumbarra Theatre.
The theatre resounded to the magnificent tones of the digeridoo before Jason Kerr gave guests a heart-felt Welcome to Country.
BSSC music students added great entertainment and our very capable MCs were students, Nissa Wakefield and Josh Rankin.
Alumna, Bonnie Barkmeyer from the Class of 2014, shared her career journey and encouraged students to be open-minded about opportunities that came their way.
As they look to their futures—be they university places, TAFE courses, apprenticeships or employment with local Bendigo businesses—graduating students were counselled to follow their dreams and take every opportunity to see themselves as part of a bigger picture to which they have so much to contribute.
BSSC wishes all our students every success in life.