Students from Business Management and Art Fashion were today introduced to the concept of a ‘personal brand’ when Alumna, Penny Holloway (Class of 2007), returned to the college.

Penny, who is Digital Marketing Manager for Pitcher Partners, one of the largest accounting and advisory firms in Australia, shared her journey from a Year 12 student with no clear career pathway, to what she describes as the best job in the world.

She urged students to embrace “the delicious personal eco-system that is you” and bring their personality and individuality to work and study.

“When employers are hiring, they are looking for your personal brand,” she said. “They can teach you the skills and expertise, but what you bring as a person is the thing they’re most interested in.”

Penny encouraged the students to put their hand up for every opportunity.

“I wish I’d done more to build my resume when I was at school,” she said. “Think about the things you can get involved in, both at school and in the community, to build your experience and make you stand out from the rest.”

Penny also spoke about her love of fashion and involvement in the industry.

She was the Creative Director and Event Coordinator of the Bendigo Fashion Festival for four years (from 2013 to 2016) and assisted in growing what began as a single runway event into a feature festival on the COGB tourism calendar.

The College thanks Penny for her generosity; giving back to the students and sharing her expertise and experience as part of the BSSC Alumni Program.

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