Year 11 Personal Development Skills students gained valuable knowledge of community engagement and leadership today when BSSC Alumna, Amelia Leach-Unmeopa, streamed live to their classroom.

Amelia, who graduated in 2022, now works in Canberra as a Ministerial & Parliamentary Support Officer in the Office of the Chief Executive Officer for the National Indigenous Australians Agency.

Given her already long list of achievements, including being named Bendigo Young Citizen of the Year in 2022, she has much to offer students when it comes to active citizenship, empathy and connections to culture.

Amelia encouraged students to take up every opportunity and join in school events during their time at BSSC.

She also spoke of her love of advocating for others and giving back to her communities.

“Making connections and networking is important, even if it doesn’t come naturally,” she said. “Young people’s voices are often not heard, so changing this by having a voice is really important.”

Being a proud Torres Strait Islander woman and part of the Kaurareg Aboriginal people who live on Waiben (otherwise known as Thursday Island), advocating for her culture is something that drives Amelia and inspired her move to Canberra.

Role models have also been hugely important to Amelia and she gave a big shout out to her mum, as well as BSSC teachers Prue Winter and Sue Pickles.

“Moving away from friends and family has been challenging,” Amelia said, “but walking through Parliament House makes it all worthwhile.”

BSSC teacher, Mardi Holland, said Amelia was a great role model to her students and really held their attention.

“Amelia was extremely articulate when sharing her thoughts and answering questions,” Mardi said.  “Her passion shone through. She is certainly doing BSSC proud.”