Do you support someone with a serious physical or mental illness?

Learn how the school can support you; find out what services are available inside and outside of school to help make life a little easier; or just help you take a break.

This coming Tuesday, the Wellbeing team will be hosting a free lunch for students who are supporting someone at home with a significant illness, mental illness or disability.

Tuesday 20 June at 1.10pm in the Wellbeing Centre. 

Young carers can be supporting someone with:

  • A chronic illness
  • A disability
  • A serious mental illness
  • Alcohol and/or drug issue
  • Who is frail aged

At least one in ten young people in Australia has some level of responsibility as a carer in their home. This equates to, on average, two or three young carers in every classroom in Australia. Young carers (on top of trying to go to school and study) often have extra responsibilities or worries at home which may include preparing and cooking meals, looking after younger siblings, doing extra household chores, providing emotional support, and taking care of medications or dressings. A young carer does not necessarily receive payment for the care provided, be related or live with the person they care for, have daily care responsibilities, or be the primary carer.

If this sounds like you, there are various supports available to you and your family.  It’s also important that you have “time out” from your responsibilities.

For further information about what is a young carer and support available, click here: