This morning, BSSC’s two EAL classes were invited to a private tour at Bendigo Art Gallery’s Paris Impressions of Life 1880 – 1925 exhibition.

The exhibition gives great insight into of the history of Paris—and the artwork, clothing, iconic posters and other memorabilia had never left the Musée Carnavalet before this marvellous partnering with Bendigo Art Gallery.

For students with a rich Asian history, some still adjusting to Australia, the excursion was a brief immersion in yet another culture’s history and art.

Students were amazed by some of the elaborate—and probably uncomfortable—clothing and fascinated by the variety and beauty of the artwork.

BSSC thanks the gallery and our two wonderful guides for this valuable and enriching experience.

Guides also reminded students that the gallery is free and a wonderful place to explore any day of the week.