Year 12 students were thoroughly entertained today by a number of great presentations given during the Year 12 Pathways Assembly in Ulumbarra Theatre.

2018 Future Leaders Writing Prize­­

Emily Mannix was honoured for her recent success. She has won the 2018 Future Leaders Writing Prize­­ for the second year in a row, and was today presented with her prize by Principal, Dale Pearce.

Kakadu Trip

Jordan and Mitchell gave an account of their recent adventures in the top end—perpetuating the myth of the 18 metre salty someone claims to have seen!

Students were given some great advice for the future

Rory White, employed as an Inclusive Communities Officer by COGB, confessed to being a “shocking student” and said he spent quite a while sorting out what he really wanted to do. In a hilarious account of his employment history, Rory said he finally realised, “basically, working with people is my thing,” and went to university, graduating with a double degree in Social Work and Community Services. Rory has been with COGB for seven years and is still “loving it.”

Caroline, a second year student of Nursing and Midwifery at La Trobe University Bendigo, described her journey from school into the course she is studying—and highlighted the decisions that had to be made.

“My advice is to realise that this is the best year, so don’t wish it away. Think about what YOU want to do and don’t let your ATAR stop you applying for the courses you want. Don’t dwell on a bad exam and keep positive. Don’t give up, you’re nearly there! You’ve already done 13 years, only three or four months to go!”


And when it’s all finally over, Josh Gibb, representing Antipodeans/Schoolies Unearthed, offered students a 10-day alternative to a local celebration of the end of school.

“These trips are designed around two core elements. The first is that students get to participate in a community project, work alongside local tradies, live in traditional accommodation and eat local food. A great addition to any resume. BUT they still get to have fun and enjoy the sights and adventures of the country they visit. The trip this year is to Borneo.”

A parent information session about Schoolies Unearthed will be held on Tuesday evening, July 31, 6.30 -7.30pm in D1. RSVP via link at: