Year 12 student Macguire Gahan is no stranger to customer service, having worked at McDonalds for the past three years.

This week he’s bringing all those people skills and more to his Work Placement at Bendigo UFS Pharmacy.

In fact, he’s enjoying it so much he’s put in his resume in the hope of scoring some part-time work.

Macguire has aspirations to become a flight attendant once he finishes Year 12, but understands the benefits of studying VET Allied Health and learning from the team at Bendigo UFS.

“Having first aid knowledge and experience in health-related fields is an important part of the industry,” he said. “It’s all about helping people and being able to step up in any situation.”

The team at Bendigo UFS are thrilled with Macguire’s versatility. His roles so far have included customer service, answering phones and completing online orders.

“Macguire is a really confident young man and is doing an amazing job,” his supervisor said. “He’s very relaxed and takes everything in his stride. We’re very pleased to have him here.”