BSSC will be celebrating ‘Wear it Purple Day’ on Friday 8 September—the last day of Wellbeing Week.

Wear it Purple Day recognises and celebrates diversity in our college community.

So get your purple jeans/dress/shirts/shoes/jackets/hair ready, and show the LGBTIQ community that you do not judge a person based on sexuality or gender identity.

Wear it Purple was founded in 2010 in response to global stories of real teenagers and their very real responses: that year several young people took their lives following bullying and harassment because of their sexuality or gender identity.

Eighteen year-old US student, Tyler Clementi, took his life after being publicly ‘outed’ as gay by his college roommate. This prompted a frenzy of reports about young people, sadly, in the same situation.

To ensure that young people everywhere know that there are others who support and love them, Wear it Purple day was established. This is your chance to send a message that everyone has the right to be proud of who they are.