Victoria went into lockdown at midnight on July 15 and today the Premier has announced that the lockdown will be extended up to and including Tuesday July 27.  The Department of Education and Training has advised that schools will continue Remote Learning and that we should plan for a return to face to face classes on Wednesday of next week, July 28.

All students were advised to take home any materials they were likely to need to continue with Remote Learning.  If any student missed this opportunity, they should present to the College Library from 8.30am each morning.  Any student without a laptop or internet access should present to the College Library today for support.

Teaching and Learning Information for Students


  • We know that there will be some students who cannot access the internet. The library will be open each day from 8.30 AM -3.35 pm if you need to come in and get online in your classes or access resources.
  • If you cannot come in, please try to send an email to your teachers to let them know you are unable to get online. You can also ring the college on 5443 1222 after 8.30 am each day.


Any SACs that were scheduled for the Remote Learning period will be moved and your teacher will provide you with more information about this.


Schools have been advised that the General Achievement Test (GAT) for all students doing a VCE Unit 3/4 subject will run as scheduled on Thursday July 29. If this advice changes we will let students know as soon as possible.


Practical Classes including VET

  • These cannot be conducted onsite so you will undertake your theory work in these classes.


Classes and Advisor Meetings

  • Classes will run online according to your usual timetable.
  • A Google Meet link will be available for each of your classes in the Compass Lesson Plan or Notes section of the class.
  • You must use the Google Meet link to get online at the start of the class and a roll will be marked. Your teacher is likely to remain online for the entire class time to support you if you need it.
  • The resources you need to complete work and stay up to date across the three days can be accessed online through the ‘Lesson Plan’ and ‘Resources’ and ‘Learning tasks’ tabs on Compass. This includes online resources that may be available for any subject.
  • Each of your teachers will have uploaded lesson plans onto Compass and any tasks that you need to complete and you may be required to submit these via Compass.
  • Advisor meetings will occur on Monday at the usual time. Advisors will post a link to a Google Meet in the Lesson Plan or Notes section of the class.



  • DET requires us to keep a record of attendance so rolls will be marked for all classes and for Monday’s Advisor meeting.
  • Scheduled tutor groups including MYLNS will be cancelled for the period of the lockdown. Tutors may contact students individually.


ICT support

A member of the ICT team will be available across the lockdown days to support students if you need it.


Things to remember when you are online:

  • Turn on your video even if it is just at the start of the class as this makes it much easier for your teacher to help you
  • When you are working on any video platform, you are allowing people to see into your home or bedroom. You should always be mindful of what is visible to others you are online.  It is good practice to inform others in the home when they are connecting with people externally, so they too have their privacy respected.
  • Students are expected to follow the college dress code; that is, students must not wear anything that could be offensive to others. Students should dress as they would for a face-to-face class when engaging in any online lesson.
  • Remember that information from, or image of, any staff member or student must never be transmitted to another person or platform.


Student Engagement and Wellbeing Information for Students


Supervision of vulnerable students

During the period of Remote Learning, the Victorian Government has stated that all students who can learn from home must learn from home. Students who are unable to continue their learning at home, and who meet the following criteria, are able to access the BSSC Library between 8.30am-3.30pm each day.

Onsite attendance is only available to the following:

  • students in out-of-home care (OoHC)
  • students deemed by Child Protection and/or Family Services to be at risk of harm
  • students identified by the school as vulnerable (including via referral from a family violence agency, homelessness or youth justice service or mental health or other health service and children with a disability)
  • students whose parents/carers are essential workers and the student cannot reasonably be left unsupervised

Students who attend our site will be accessing Remote Learning materials; they will not be receiving face-to-face teaching.  Students attending our site must follow all social distancing and hygiene requirements and must wear a mask at all times.  It is imperative that a student who is unwell does NOT attend our site.

Wellbeing support

If any student requires Wellbeing support during the lockdown period, they should email and a member of our Wellbeing Team will make contact as soon as possible.