EAL VCAL students got inventive in the V1 kitchen this morning, turning five kilos of eggplants from the VCAL garden into tasty treats that would not have been out of place on any restaurant menu.

The students made two different types of batter—a tempura and an egg and pepper—then coated and deep fried the eggplant to create the crunchy delicacies.

They also made spicy dipping sauces—one using coriander and sweet chilli, the other bean and chilli. Some donated organic grapes were also turned into spicy accompaniments.

The bounty of vegetables has been a great team effort… Emila Moss organised the seedlings at the end of Term 4, 2020 to be planted in the brand new VCAL garden beds. It coincided with Mick Thoren installing a brand new watering system and Karen Green’s Senior VCAL students’ ‘Bees with Backpacks’ project creating an environment that attracted plenty of bees to the garden.

The result—a bumper crop with many more vegies still to be harvested! Well done to everyone involved.

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