Kendall O’Sullivan’s Intermediate VCAL PDWRS class are doing their bit for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Today they launched their community project to draw the attention of all BSSC staff and the wider college community to the preventative measures and latest treatments for breast cancer.

With the popular ‘Pink Ribbon Breakfast’ and other gatherings on the backburner due to Covid, students linked with Bakers Delight who supplied a stack of ‘pink lady’ silhouettes and other pink paraphernalia.

All staff received a little pink lady in their pigeon hole today and an email containing this three-minute video made for the class by prominent breast surgeon, Dr Chantel Thornton.

“I’m really relieved my mum takes her preventative check-ups seriously,” student Graycen Dillon said. “I know a few women who’ve had breast cancer.”

Like her classmates, Graycen is doing her bit to bring us closer to a cure.