If you’re not following the BHS & BSSC Alumni Facebook page, then you’re missing out! It features regular stories, photographs and links to former students and staff, and includes Throwback Thursday—a trip down memory lane to a particular year in the history of the college. This week we visit 1977. 

1977 was the year the first Star Wars movie hit the big screen; a loaf of bread would have cost you 48 cents; your neighbours might have had a colour TV if they were ‘well-off’; and North Melbourne and Collingwood played a drawn grand final. At Bendigo High School—as BSSC was known then—Education Minister Lindsay Thompson opened the brand new Library and Science building; what we now know as D-Block.

The ground floor was originally two science rooms and was extended in 1996 to house the library. The first floor housed the library from 1977 until 1996, when it was converted to the Multimedia Centre. In 2018 the ground floor was renovated and now houses the Business Studies Centre.