There’s still more than 10 months until the next council elections, but former BSSC student Thomas Prince is already hitting the campaign trail.

“I don’t have an advertising budget or a media presence,” he says, “so over the next six months I’ll be looking to get myself out there, meet as many people as possible, go to as many of the ward meetings and community forums as possible… then there’s the door knocking.”

At just 26, Prince already has a history of community work in the town he was born and bred in.

“I grew up in Bendigo and have always been involved in different community groups … this year as president of the Bendigo Dragons I’ve really tried to get the club more community focused.”

Prince, who is the nursery manager at Bendigo Wholefoods, says he wants to bring a fresh perspective to council.

“That shop is a great example of what I want to promote – it’s all about local foods, local products, and promoting a healthy environment and healthy living,” he says.

“I’d love to see council supporting small business more effectively by giving them ways to remove some of the barriers and hurdles they face, and just be able do new things, more simply.”