Year 11 student, Macguire Gahan, discovered recently that a little kindness—especially in this stressful time of COVID-19—can make a big difference to someone’s life.

Macguire was working his usual shift at the drive-thru of a local McDonald’s when he served a health care worker on her way home from a shift.

“Even though we’re on a timer at work, I always take a few extra seconds with a health care worker,’ he said. “Just to check in and ask how they’re travelling… they do so much”

As Macguire handed the customer her coffee, he took the moment to say, “Thanks for all the hard work you do… without it, things would be so much harder for the rest of us.”

He didn’t think much more about it, and just got on with another busy shift in the drive-thru.

It was the next day that his manager approached him. Praising Macguire for his good work, he handed him a note that had been dropped off at the restaurant:

Dear McDonalds staff at Bendigo, You were the first to thank me for my hard work as a health professional—you have no idea how wonderful that made me feel – Lyn

 It’s a great reminder to all of us to thank people when the moment arises. The smallest act of kindness can have a lasting impact.