It’s been a busy, yet “incredible”, time recently for BSSC Student Council President, Whitney Eadon. From August 1st to 7th, Whitney had the opportunity to attend the University Leadership Scholars Symposium at the United Nations headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand.

Whitney described her experience as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“I got the chance to connect with a range of individuals from many different backgrounds, and with unique and diverse skills,” she said. “I learnt so much through discussing global issues and aligning them with the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the UN.”

Throughout the conference, Whitney attended networking sessions with multiple UN agencies and found them very rewarding.

“I’m extremely passionate about the Humanitarian Sector, so the symposium gave me knowledge and skills that I hope to apply to my future career.”

The Symposium featured a range of world-renowned speakers including President and Founder of Sunrise Cambodia, Geraldine Cox, and Founder of the Crossroads Foundation David Begbie.

“I had the privilege to talk with both of them after the session,” Whitney said, “discussing the ways they help eradicate poverty and make a lasting positive impact.”

Another highlight for Whitney was the Service Day.

“I had the opportunity to put what I’d learnt about sustainable development into practise through a humanitarian service project,” she said. “The symposium is all about changing the lives of communities in need; consequently, the learning journey program at the symposium gave me an opportunity to interact with, and have a firsthand experience of, the lives of the disadvantaged in the community.

“I attended the Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities in Thailand (CCD). They provide care and support to abandoned children with disabilities, regardless of gender, nationality, creed or religion. I assisted children with water and play therapy as well as participating in improvement works for the home.”

Whitney said she was incredibly grateful for the support shown by BSSC and the wider community.

“It was truly a once in a lifetime experience and I can’t thank everyone enough for helping me make this possible.”