Supercamp is the world’s number one leadership and education camp experience for kids and is now in Australia.
Former BSSC student and Supercamp Australia volunteer, Ashlee Arnold, said that the camp allows young people to understand HOW they best learn, so they can make the most of every situation. “Individual leadership styles are explored and each camper becomes more confident in their own ability,” she said. “Participants have great fun, doing adventure activities and forming life-long friendships.
“At the last camp, a young man with dyslexia doubled his reading speed, while a very ‘shy’ young woman was brave enough to sit in front of a room of 130 people and share her deepest feelings, which tells us that even challenging situations can be assisted through the Supercamp program.”
The Senior camp is for 13 to 17-year olds and runs from the 6th to the 15th of April. Information about the program can be found at