Year 11 Literacy classes visited The Great Stupa this week to get an insight into different cultures and religions in our local community.
The students are studying voices and issues and have been exploring topics such as the building of a mosque in Bendigo, gaining new perspectives.
This week’s excursion included a tour of the Peace Garden, an inclusive space open to everyone.
Students were surprised by the vastness of the Stupa and interested to learn about the different statues inside and plans for future works.
Everyone was extremely respectful in the space and asked questions to ensure their behaviour was appropriate to the setting and culture
Some students spoke about the calm they felt being there, while others took the opportunity to wish for Carlton to do well this season 😊
A number of students said they will visit again with their families as there is so much more to explore and share.
Thanks to Donna and the staff at the Stupa for welcoming students and supporting them to learn more about The Great Stupa and Buddhism.