Lachlan Moon’s world is his oyster after becoming BSSC’s 2021 Dux with an outstanding ATAR of 99.05.

He plans to pursue a double degree in Engineering/Science at Monash or Melbourne Uni, but on Thursday morning it was all about absorbing the news of his achievement.

“My first thought was ‘Gee that’s alright’, but I didn’t know at the time whether it was the highest BSSC score,” Lachlan says.

Lachlan has really enjoyed his time at BSSC and attributes much of his success to choosing subjects he’s genuinely interested in.

He’s also grateful for the support of his teachers, particularly his English Literature teacher, Amy Greenwood.

“I love Maths and Science and I always felt like English was my worst subject,” he says. “With Amy’s support I was able to achieve a score of 47 for English Lit—my top mark.”

Lachlan also acknowledges his parents who he says “kept me going and fed me well.”

He managed remote learning well and again attributes this to his interest in the subjects he chose, along with the support of his teachers and family.

Lachlan also stresses the importance of practice exams as a tool for effective study.

“I did practice exams all the time,” he says. “I was always looking for understanding when I was reading or reviewing a topic.

“I know so many students have found the last two years really hard and I want to encourage those about to start Year 11 or Year 12 to just keep going—even if something seems hard or boring.”

Basketball took Lachlan away from the books and during lockdowns he started playing piano again after a long break from the instrument.

“It was great to have distractions so completely different from any of my school work,” he says. “They provided a genuine break that brought me back to my studies feeling refreshed.”

Lachlan hasn’t had a part-time job during Year 12, but began work as soon as he finished his exams.

Ironically, it’s his willingness to work diligently at everything he does that meant he was on the road working for a bookseller when the school contacted him to reveal he was Dux.

Lachlan hightailed it from Echuca to join other high ATAR achievers, Audrey Andrews and Lachlan Woodward, on the college’s iconic Memorial Steps to celebrate with teachers and meet with local media.

As the crowd dissipated, we asked Lachlan what advice he might offer if he could go back and meet his 12-year-old self.

“Just keep doing what you’re doing—it’s easy if you enjoy it.”