There can’t be too many Year 12 students who are building their own house while studying for their VCE.

But that’s exactly what Joe Wild is doing.

The BSSC student started constructing his ‘tiny house’ last year and made great progress during the summer break.

True to the ‘Tiny House Movement’, Joe’s house is around eight square metres in size and is completely portable because it’s built on a flat deck trailer.

By the time he finishes Year 12, Joe expects to have his tiny house finished too—mezzanine sleeping area included—just in time for his gap-year.

With four siblings, Joe loves the idea of his own space. He also benefits from a Dad who’s a builder, a house-designing Mum (together they’re ‘Wild Homes’) and income from a part-time job.

Joe arrived at Senior in 2021 looking forward to a fresh start and loves the wide range of subjects the college offers. He’s definitely made the most of that diversity, studying Biology, Psychology, Philosophy, English Literature and Business Management

“I’d describe BSSC as a place that fosters individuality,” Joe says. “We’re encouraged to be independent, but the teachers also provide so many opportunities to help us to get the marks we need.”

Despite the size of the college, Joe has found it easy to connect with others and has a small but solid group of friends who like to hang out in the Language Centre.

“Good friends are something I’m incredibly grateful for,” he says. “They help me be my best self.”

Asked what BSSC’s greatest challenge has been, Joe gives a wry smile.

“The honest truth is getting to the first class on time… I’m a big sleeper,” he admits. “But this year I’ve committed to getting to class five-minutes early—which means I’ll probably be there right on time!”

When it comes to study, Joe’s motto is “45-minutes study and then 15-minutes off”.

Days when he’s feeling less diligent, he puts in his earpods and hopes for the best.

Conscious his study load is a lot greater this year, Joe knows he needs to keep a tight rein on extra-curricular activities.

He has part-time job and keeps fit by going to the gym. As compelling as his tiny house project is, he knows he can’t always throw himself into it—or his love of movies and music.

Of all his Year 12 subjects, Joe is finding Philosophy the most enlightening. It’s not only building greater understanding across many issues, but also raising new and interesting questions.

“I used to be the class clown, Joe recalls. “If I could go back and meet my 12-year-old self, I’d say: ‘shut up, you don’t know anything yet’.”

Joe’s interest in debating and thinking through controversial issues continues to be part of his intellectual and academic style. However, being at BSSC has seen the continued mellowing of a “very opinionated” young man.

“I think one of the most positive changes I’ve seen in myself since coming to BSSC is that I’m less judgy of others,” Joe reflects.

“The college celebrates diversity and I’ve observed how well people from all different backgrounds and perspectives get along and respect each other.

“My faith is really important to me—like a backbone that sets my values—and I appreciate that it’s respected here.”

With no clear plan—other than to take a gap year so he can work and travel—Joe has wisely selected a broad range of subjects to equip him to keep his options open.

Yet, despite his lack of clarity around a career pathway, there is another dream bubbling away beneath the surface.

Joe is really interested in filmmaking, and work experience convinced him it was more than just a general interest in movies.

“I’m a big Christopher Nolan fan,” Joe says. “He’s a director with a signature style that is instantly recognisable. My favourite movie is ‘Intersteller’, released in 2014.”

Nolan’s films feature the music of Hans Zimmer, who also wrote the music scores for The Lion King and Gladiator. Joe has a playlist seven-hours long that features music from film, especially Zimmer’s contributions.

While Joe is not a formally-trained musician, he enjoys writing his own material using the music software FL Studio.

Though he would no doubt love to chat with Christopher Nolan or Hans Zimmer, Joe’s interest in philosophy, combined with his Christian faith, make Jesus the one person in history he’d most like to have a conversation with.

“I’d like to actually be present at some of those big moments and see for myself what was going on.”