The 2019 Student Leadership Team (SLT) got to know one another this morning, then quickly got down to the serious business of planning for the year ahead, at the annual Training Day. The team also voted in its executive for 2019. Congratulations to the new Student Leadership President Alyssa Lai, Vice President Joelle Colliver, Secretary Caitlin Jackson and Treasurer Gabbie Wheeler.

Incoming President, Alyssa Lai, directed a strategic planning session which resulted in three focus areas, each with its own sub-committee—Events, Student Experience, and Inclusion. Within each of these areas, the SLT has given themselves significant scope to expand and evolve to satisfy the different needs of the college and the student body over the course of the year.

The SLT will now meet every Friday at lunchtime in the Conference Room. We look forward to the events, fundraisers and other initiatives driven by our Student Leadership Group throughout 2019.

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