A huge congratulations to BSSC Alumnus and La Trobe University Bendigo graduate, Stephanie Mein (Class of 2013), on winning the Bendigo Community Health Services Award this year.

The award was presented during the annual Prizes ceremony at Ulumbarra Theatre Bendigo this week. La Trobe has presented the award for more than a decade to recognise a high achieving student in the field of health.

Stephanie received the prize as the student in Bachelor of Health Sciences with the best academic and public health practice performance in second and third year field experience.

Stephanie thanked Bendigo Community Health Services for donating the award.

“The Bendigo Community Health Services Award inspires me to continue to use the knowledge and skills that I learnt during my time at university to improve health and wellbeing in Bendigo,” Stephanie said.

“The award also allows me to pursue further study in the public health field which I am very excited about.”

Stephanie graduated with a Bachelor of Public Health Promotion and has found employment in her hometown of Bendigo.

“I’m working as the Learning and Development Support Officer at Intereach, she said. “My role involves supporting the learning and development of an organisation that plays a big part in empowering people to participate actively in the Bendigo community.”


Stephanie also won the Penfold Public Health Research Prize as the student who achieved the highest average score across three specific public health subjects.