BSSC students have embraced the Study Centre set up in James King Hall where they can maximise their unscheduled class time in an environment specifically designed to create a quiet, comfortable study zone with teachers on-hand.

Each student has been issued a ‘Study Centre Planner’—kindly sponsored by Axis Employment and bARt ‘n’ PRINt. These booklets have a diary-style layout, study tips and useful websites so students can make notes, keep a record of areas reviewed, prioritise their schedule and show parents or carers how well they are applying themselves. As well as this, Bendigo Original Pie Shop has donated vouchers to reward outstanding student effort.

The Study Centre aims to give students the best opportunity to excel at school and develop valuable life skills. The eight points below guide students to think about their habits and any changes that will build capacity. This criteria will also be used to evaluate student effort in the progress reports due in week five.

  • Comes to class on time with equipment
  • On task during class time
  • Respects others
  • Strives to do their best
  • Up to date with work
  • Uses feedback to develop skills
  • Works collaboratively with classmates
  • Works through challenges.

Meanwhile here is what students using the study space say:

  • “The Study Centre is a good place to collaborate with others who are doing the same subjects but are not in the same actual class.”
  • “It’s useful for helping keep on top of homework—it definitely reduces the amount of homework.”
  • “If you get behind it’s really good to have a place like this to get help and catch up again.”
  • “The staff put in a lot of effort and also help us utilise the booklet.”

Teachers say….

  • “It’s working really well…I am seeing a shift in student attention…they come in ready to work, are able to discipline themselves more easily and are less distracted.”
  • “I expect to see a decrease in students being late with homework.”
  • “We will be able to re-evaluate the effectiveness of the centre when results come in at the end of term one.”

It is clear that the benefits of the Study Centre in creating this positive, supportive study culture are already being realised.