When students arrive at the BSSC Wellbeing Centre, one of the first people they are likely to meet is Student Wellbeing Advisor, Donna Hamilton.

Donna is a friendly and familiar face around the college. But do you know…

…what Donna loves the most about the work she does?

I feel really blessed in my work because there’s so much variety in my role. I enjoy providing emotional and practical support to students on an individual level.

So many people come into the Wellbeing Centre feeling overwhelmed or scared or hopeless and I love it when they leave feeling better.

I work to bridge gaps that can sometimes occur between students and their families, teachers or community agencies—which can further support the students in overcoming obstacles.

I also enjoy the opportunity to connect with and support students on a wider level, such as creating fun events for the college community.

Donna’s number one wellbeing tip?

Sometimes we tend to repeat the same behaviours and become stuck in a cycle because it’s familiar and change can seem scary.  It’s really normal to feel scared of the unknown. The thing is, nothing changes unless you do something different.

Sometimes we just need to make one small brave step, even if it feels uncomfortable, to break the cycle and move towards how we want things to be.

And when she’s not working?

Getting out in nature is my favourite thing. I love a walk along the beach, feeling the sand in my toes and waves at my feet—it’s so rejuvenating.

There’s also something about just stopping, taking a moment and appreciating what’s around us.

Donna’s favourite movie? 

The Shawshank Redemption.  I never get tired of watching itSuch an inspiring story of hope and friendship.

Her favourite food? 

Thai food – it’s so fresh and flavoursome.