I think viewing the Year 12 cohort in the Ulumbarra Theatre on Celebration Day, all dressed up, dancing and singing to the video that highlighted their whole educational journey, was a fantastic reminder of what we do here and why we are all so tired!

That day was also a celebration of another cohort moving into the next phase of their life, and knowing we contribute to building their capacity to meet the demands of life after secondary school is pretty exciting.

Bronnie Bishop


One highlight was the Tertiary Information Service (TIS) which gave students planning to go to uni a chance to see all the unis and think about that next step. The other highlight was recognising the value of work placements as I visited students on-site.

Caroline Pysing


My highlight would have to be the July Open Day. The event is so well attended by members of the Bendigo community as well as staff and students already at the college. There is so much positivity on the day from everyone involved and it signifies the start of the BSSC journey for many students. Decisions made on that day can have an impact for many years to come, which is why it is such an important day.

Simon Wood



My rock guitar students fell in love with the very “classical” Shostakovich Symphony No. 7. Amazing! So while the many rock bands that warmed our hearts with performances at school were highlights, the students who opened their minds to a whole wide world of music were too!

Matt Pankhurst


I feel so privileged to be in a role that supports students who face challenges that can have a real impact on their wellbeing and ability to cope at school. Watching them achieve personal and academic goals is my highlight. I also enjoyed creating and participating in wellbeing events that give our students good old-fashioned fun and a chance to unwind from their studies!

Donna Kennedy.