The Student Leadership Team met for the final time in 2020 today, capping off the strangest year any SLT has had to deal with.

Around 30 students gathered in U2 at lunchtime, enjoying pizza and each other’s company for one last time as the SLT.

“It’s been such a hard year to be student leaders,” SLT Coordinator Matt Kellow commented. “This group has just been so impacted by the lockdowns.”

However, with creative flair and admirable enthusiasm, BSSC’s student leaders managed to make a strong contribution within the enormous constraints.

From radio interviews to mask-making; from covid-friendly Anzac commemorations to Idahobit Day celebrations; from having big plans for the Formal to making ‘optimism’ video clips – this group made the best of a bad situation.

They melded over Zoom meetings and new friendships have blossomed despite the lockdowns.

President, Dooley Every, expressed his pride in the group.

“It’s been such a tricky year,” he said. “I hope everyone will be inspired to get into public service in the future.”

Matt Kellow echoed Dooley’s comments and told the group about positive feedback he’d already heard regarding the encouraging impact of the SLT’s efforts.

“Many schools shut down their SRCs this year,” he explained. “Today is a celebration of all you’ve achieved.”

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