BSSC has a number of current and past students playing significant roles in the Nexus Theatre Company’s production of ‘Shrek’.

We caught up with Alex (the scarecrow and a knight), Kit (Tweedledum), Halle (an elf, the dragon’s mouth and ensemble member) and Kaitlyn (Raggedy Ann).

Shrek might be incredibly comical and entertaining, but Kit says it also has a strong message about the importance of self-love and self-acceptance.

“You could say it’s all about ‘letting your freak-flag fly and embracing who you are’,” Halle laughs.

“One of the best things about theatre, is immersing yourself in the mindset of another person,” Kaitlyn says. “You get to tell someone else’s story. I think playing a part develops empathy.”

Halle says companies such as Nexus help bring young people together.

“It’s about building friendships with others who love the theatre,” she says.

Alex, like the other performers, was hooked after just one experience of acting.

“I was in a short film while in primary school and joined Nexus the following year,” he remembers.

These four students are all studying Drama or Theatre Studies—or both—as part of their VCE program.

Halle is set on becoming a Dramaturge—someone who studies the history of drama and often works as an advisor on set, or in a theatre, researching literary details or advising on scripts.

Kit found out yesterday he has a place at the Australian School of Beauty where he will train in stage make-up and facial prosthetics—building on skills he has already been practicing.

Poised to open tonight at the Capital Theatre this talented crew has one message… don’t miss seeing Shrek!

Cast members with a BSSC connection:

Shrek – Leroy Miller (Alumna 2021) (Peer leader) (Marketing)

Fiona – Jade Cuskelly (Current student)

Lion – Jakoby Appleby (Alumna 2021)

Elf – Halle Blake Burrows (Current student) (Peer leader)

Big Bad Wolf – Jakob Walsh (Current student)

Sugar Plum Fairy – Uzielle Santos   (Alumna 2021) (Peer leader)

Swan Princess – Alyssa Anderson  (Alumna 2020) (Peer leader)

Scarecrow – Alex Epworth  (Current Student)

Raggedy Ann – Kaity Allan (Current student)

Tweedle Dum – Maize Bignoux (Alumna 2021)

Tweedle Dee – Kit Godfrey (Current student)