Well done to students in the BSSC Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander program—Matti, Milli, Ethan, TJ and Amelia—who proudly accompanied Uncle Paul Chapman at White Hills Primary School yesterday.

Matti, Ethan and TJ played the didgeridoo, mimicking native animal sounds, while Amelia and Milli read a story to the children accompanied by hand puppets of Australian animals.

This interactive session encouraged the preps to join in and mimic animal noises by clapping their hands for the emu and snapping for the crocodile.

After the session, the White Hills students had plenty of questions for the performers about culture, life before colonisation, and the symbolism of cultural art and body painting.

The BSSC students valued the opportunity to share culture and are grateful for the generosity of Uncle Paul, sharing his time and skills to teach and encourage, building confidence and identity.