Alumna, Megan Moore (Class of 2020), loved her time at BSSC and was excited to begin a Bachelor of Primary Education at La Trobe University Bendigo at the beginning of 2021.

Now, halfway through the first year of her degree, Megan was recently awarded the George Garibaldi Turri Scholarship.

Each year thirty scholarships are offered to Year 12 government college students planning a career in teaching.

Valued at $2680 per year for up to four years, the scholarships can be a real game-changer for aspiring teachers.

“It will make such a difference to the time I can put into my studies,” Megan says. “I might even be able to take on extra coursework.”

Jenny Moloney, Megan’s Year 12 Biology teacher, is a past recipient of the scholarship and encouraged her to apply once she realised Meagan was keen on becoming a teacher.

Megan will continue her part-time job, helping run parties for children at a local dance studio.

“I really like kids and love teaching them new things,” she says, “so this job is also helping prepare me for teaching.”

When she looks back on her two years at BSSC, Meagan remembers it as a great experience.

“What I recall most is the way my Year 12 teachers helped me advance my understanding in so many areas,” she says. “It really helped to build my confidence.”