Four BSSC students were this morning awarded the Access Australia Group (AAG) Indigenous Education Scholarship at Peppergreen Farm.

Annalise Varker, Jordan Hynes, Kaii McCurdy and Loretta Varker are all recipients of the scholarship that recognises students’ Community Leadership, Academic performance and commitment to further study.

CEO of Access Australia Group, Liz March, said it was an honour to be on the selection panel for the scholarship.

“I’ve been awed by these young people and the quality of their applications,” she said.

The students can spend the scholarship on anything that supports their education.

Kaii, who has been a student leader and an active member of BSSC’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Program for the past two years, said she would use the scholarship to prepare for her VCE exams.

“I’m going to use the money to travel down to Melbourne and attend ATAR Notes lectures,” she said. “I’d like to buy a desk as well.”

Annalise plans to buy a new laptop computer, while Loretta will use her scholarship to buy school books and other study supplies.

Jordan, who plays football for Eaglehawk and the Richmond FC Next Generation Academy, and dreams of one day being drafted by an AFL club, will use his to pay for school fees.

BSSC’s Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Program Coordinator, Sue Pickles, said it was a proud moment and a just reward for the students who had all shown great leadership and commitment to their studies.