Due to the large numbers of pedestrian traffic, and for the safety of our college community, we ask that no students be dropped off within the school grounds. The construction of our new business classrooms means there is also extra pressure on traffic and parking around the college because of trade vehicles and trucks. All of this adds to safety concerns.

Each year, with the arrival of a new cohort of students, the college faces traffic issues with cars converging on Gaol Road to drop off students.

We ask that you consider dropping off students where they can have a short, safe walk to the college.

Suggested drop-off zones:

  1. Barnard Street, where students can walk along either side of the bowling club.
  2. At the QEO carpark, just a few minutes’ walk from the college past Camp Hill PS.
  3. Bridge Street, Sydney Myer Place, or William Vahland Place, for access via Rosalind Park.

This will ease congestion around the college entrance AND make it less of a headache for parents.

Thanks for your cooperation.