It’s been a BIG couple of days for BSSC’s incoming Year 11 students.

The program—on Thursday and Friday— saw more than 950 new students enjoy a range of activities to help them navigate their new campus, raise any concerns about the year ahead, find out more about the services available at the college, and understand the expectations of becoming a BSSC student.

Next week, students will be back on campus to begin the Step Up program, where they’ll experience a full week of classes, make a start on their course work for 2022, and most importantly, get to meet their Advisors and classmates.

BSSC welcomes all its new students and wishes them well on their senior secondary education journey.

You can check out all the photos taken by the BSSC Communications team over the past two days on the college Facebook page:

Day One

Day One barbecue lunch

Day One afternoon

Day Two

Day Two afternoon