Dear Students and Parents/Carers

This morning the Premier advised Victorians that COVID cases numbers are too high to end the current lockdown as planned later this week. Further details will be provided over the coming days, including advice on what this means for schools. Unless we receive direction to the contrary, BSSC will continue with the current delivery of remote learning.

This afternoon schools received advice from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority regarding the opportunity  for students to come on site to complete essential assessments. At present this will be limited to students in Drama, Dance, Music Performance, Music Investigation, Music Performance (VCE VET) and Theatre Studies. The focus on these subjects is because of the fact that they have VCE performance exams commencing in early October. We are currently confirming with the teachers of those subjects what essential practical assessments still need to occur and when these can take place. Students will be able to come on site for those assessments at limited times and under a range of conditions including evidence of a negative COVID test. Once we have confirmed all these arrangements we will contact each student and parent/carer to explain how this will work.

At present we are still expecting the GAT to occur on September 9 as planned. There is no plan to delay exam dates.

I have a particular message for VCAL students: it’s very important that you remain engaged with your studies and complete all work and assessments required. You will not ‘automatically pass’ if you do not meet the requirements of your course. Your pathway to work, apprenticeship or further study will be compromised if you do not continue to make the required effort. Your teachers will be there to support you.

I understand we have a large number of students who have booked in for immunisation through the Bendigo Health Mollison Street hub When you do so you are now able to select ‘Year 12 student’ from the categories list to allow prioritisation of your booking. While immunisation is strictly a personal choice for families and the college plays no part in the approval or delivery of vaccinations I reiterate the government’s message encouraging our students to make a vaccination booking.

I expect to have further advice for you over the coming days regarding the VCAA’s plans for VCAL and VET students and also for VCE students undertaking subjects that have a practical component.

Yours faithfully

Dale Pearce