Well done to our NETschool students who have been regularly providing background entertainment for visitors to both the Goldfields Library and St John of God Hospital this year.

In community partnerships with both organisations, our students have performed in supportive and non-threatening environments developing their confidence and self-assurance in this special extra-curricula activity.

So impressed has the Goldfields library been by the NET school performers that they have also been invited to play at the end of children’s story telling time. Coordinator Jim Cowie explained that the students have also been asked to produce a music CD for St John of God, to be played when they are not there in person.

Back at NETschool, music is one of the tools assisting students to develop confidence and addressing issues around anxiety.  They participate in drumming workshops and compose their own songs and record them.

Getting up and playing in front of an audience is a daunting task, and the students are to be congratulated for their great performances.