BSSC Trade Industry students had a unique insight into the world of trades and apprenticeships on Thursday as part of National Trade Skills Week.

Students heard from Jeremy Forbes of HALT and Frances Constable from the AI Group Apprentice and Trainee Centre about the many opportunities available to young people in the trade industries.

Jeremy shared his own experiences of the industry and gave students valuable advice about looking after their mental and physical health. He encouraged students to embrace the opportunities available, particularly in the building and construction industry, and urged them never to refer to themselves as “just a tradie”.

VET Building and Construction teacher, David Jacob, also shared his experiences as a young apprentice and the challenges faced by tradies. But he also gave great examples of how quickly things can turn around, and highlighted how satisfying a career in trades can be.

Frances Constable had great practical advice about apprenticeships, including employment options, workplaces, competency-based apprenticeships, pay rates and much more.

And of course a room full of hungry tradies needs feeding! Rhonda Pithie and David Lane did a brilliant job of this, with the support of Bakers Delight Bendigo Marketplace, Parmalat, and KR Castlemaine.